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Costa Rica

Since 2008, an intensive cooperation with the “Master’s study program in Evaluation of Social Development Projects and Programs” of the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), which is supported by the DAAD, has been in existence.  Furthermore, the CEval has been working closely together with the Centro de Investigación y Capacitación en Administración Publica (CICAP). 

Crucial elements of this third phase of cooperation are supposed to be the implementation of a new blended learning Master’s study program in evaluation at the PUCE, and the implementation of a further educational opportunity in the style of blended learning, respectively, at the Center for Research and Training in Public Administration (CICAP) at the UCR, and quality assurance of the formation and further education in evaluation in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Latin America (amelioration of formation and further education as well as research in evaluation). Moreover, the establishment of a Latin American university  network in the discipline of evaluation (network formation and internationalization), the strengthening of practical orientation within the academic formation in evaluation and the contribution to evidence-based policy making (application of scientific evaluative research in political practice), and, eventually, the consolidation and institutional expansion of the cooperation between the universities involved and the research institute CICAP (triangular and South-South-cooperation) are on the agenda of the program. The respective cooperation is intended to last for four years (2017-2020).